A strategic setup move

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A strategic setup move

October 15, 2023 Pastor Dan Wagner Acts 0


  • As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, Paul has not lost his cultural background, and he finds a piece of his culture that he is able to use in his current life of faith.
  • Friendships in the Lord are very valuable, but they never should detain a believer from pursuing God’s call.
  • In the Lord, returning to old friends in the faith brings much blessing.
  • Conclusion: “A strategic setup move” may be quite intentional on our part—like paying off a loan early, or we may be completely oblivious to “a strategic setup move” until after the fact. Whichever way it has occurred in our lives, each one of us have had “a strategic setup move” that brought us here to BFC Camden, and each one of us already may have another “a strategic setup move”—like losing a job—that establishes the next portion of God the Holy Spirit leading us for His glory.

Bible Text

(18) Paul, having remained many days longer, took leave of the brethren and put out to sea for Syria, and with him were Priscilla and Aquila. In Cenchrea he had his hair cut, for he was keeping a vow. (19) They came to Ephesus, and he left them there. Now he himself entered the synagogue and reasoned with the Jews. (20) When they asked him to stay for a longer time, he did not consent, (21) but taking leave of them and saying, “I will return to you again if God wills,” he set sail from Ephesus.(22) When he had landed at Caesarea, he went up and greeted the church, and went down to Antioch. (23) And having spent some time there, he left and passed successively through the Galatian region and Phrygia, strengthening all the disciples.

-Acts 18:18-23